Housing Woes

As every nomad has no doubt experienced, without having a home base, finding rentals can sometimes be a challenge. During our far-flung global travels, it was never a problem finding short-term accommodations. However, with international travel at a grinding halt, we found ourselves searching for medium-term rentals, this was not quite so easy.

Returning to Calgary in June 2020 we were fortunate to rent a townhouse from a friend of a friend, which carried us through for 5 months until October. We did not wish to overstay our welcome and were able to find another lovely townhome to rent for November and December. By the time January rolled around, we departed Calgary for Vancouver Island in search of milder winter weather. Finding holiday rentals on the island was quite easy because we were only looking for 2-month and 1-month stints. We found the same situation in Osoyoos, it was off-season so not only did we find a great rental property, but at very inexpensive rates.

In early March, and planning our return to Calgary for May 1st, we had accommodation all arranged.  We were going back to the place we rented last November and December.  That was until we got the surprising news that our landlord was reneging on our arrangement, leaving us 4 weeks to find somewhere else 😞 That may seem like a long time but booking an extended stay in Calgary was a challenge!  Using Airbnb for 5 months is way too long with their fees becoming outrageous. Going the traditional rental route was also a challenge because we require something fully furnished, with all utilities in place, not a common offering.

Extensive hours and days of research ensued, emails back and forth with potential landlords and eventually, our search was successful.  We used the website  https://www.rentfaster.ca/  refining our search with filters for fully furnished, all utilities included and in our preferred neighbourhood close to family and friends.  We were able to do a live video tour with the property owner and once satisfied that it suited our needs, we signed on the dotted line.

Whew, we have a place to call home until September 30 at which time we are cautiously optimistic that international travel will be possible once again.  Fingers crossed we can be nomads again soon…..