About Us

Our story began on a ski hill in Western Canada. We met enjoying a sport we both loved and so began our shared adventures. Four years after we met we opened a mountain bike, ski and snowboard store in Alberta, Canada. Over the 10 years we owned the business our vacations took us to many places around the world. Egypt, England, Ecuador including Galapagos, Costa Rica and Indonesia to name a few.   During this time we became passionate about scuba diving and the underwater world.   This passion turned into our life as we sold our home and business, said goodbye to our family and friends and moved to an island in the Caribbean. Blair was a scuba instructor for 15 years and Susan has been diving and taking underwater video when not being an accountant. Even while living in the Caribbean, our vacations took us diving around the world to places such as Indonesia, Cocos Island, Guadalupe Island and Saba. We also managed to stay above the water a few times and tour Panama, Peru, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Macau and Europe. In 2010 we lost two friends to cancer and this increased our desire to get out and see more of the world. We started with a 4 month sabbatical in 2011 spending 3 months in Italy and France followed by 1 month in England and Canada seeing family and friends. We considered this a trial run for a future home free life and at the end of the 4 months we agreed that we could have kept on going, but working for a few more years was a necessity to comfortably finance a nomadic lifestyle.

At the end of 2017 we once again sold everything and are on the move, however this time will be different. We pared down our possessions to a few boxes and shipped them home to Canada to be put in a family members basement until the day comes we feel the need to put down roots. For as many years as we are enjoying a nomadic life we will travel the world experiencing different cultures and learning their history.

Looking back through our travels prior to this home free life we were fortunate to have traveled to 27 countries:

  • Bahamas; Belize; Cayman Islands; Cambodia; Canada; Costa Rica including Cocos Island; Cuba; Ecuador including Galapagos; Egypt; France; Hong Kong; Indonesia (4 times and our scuba diving favorite); Italy; Macau; Malaysia, Mexico including Guadalupe Island; Monaco; Panama; Peru; Saba; Saint Maartin; Singapore; Spain; Turks and Caicos; United Kingdom including Northern Ireland and Scotland; USA; Vatican City

Since becoming home free we have added the following countries to our list:

  • American Samoa; Australia; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; French Polynesia; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Ireland; Japan; Jordan; S. Korea; Laos; Netherlands; New Zealand; Oman; Portugal; San Marino; Slovenia; Switzerland; Thailand; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; Vietnam.

At the end of 2023, we are still loving the lifestyle and continue to be excited about new destinations and experiences during our upcoming years of travel.