Next stop, Calgary

The backyard view from our place in Calgary

We have arrived in the frozen north!!  After living in Grand Cayman for 15 years and spending the last 2 months in Florida it has been a rude awakening arriving here in the winter, and the first time we asked ourselves why we ever left Cayman.  Fortunately we still have some clothes from our prior life that we can get out of storage bins at my sisters house.  We are hoping that the worst of winter has passed and the temperatures will start to rise, or maybe that is just wishful thinking on our part!! Read more

More Medical Stuff and Sightseeing

We did not wish to say anything until the dust settled on this most recent round of events.  Blair had cataract surgery on both eyes during the past couple of weeks.  In a fortuitous event, Blair met one of the top cataract surgeons in the US a few months ago.  The Dr was on Blair’s dive boat and when Blair found out what he did, proceeded to ask a number of questions, which resulted in the Dr suggesting Blair come and see him once we arrived in Florida. Read more

Florida living

We are enjoying our time in Florida, particularly re-connecting with long time friends from Cayman who left a number of years ago.  We are spending a lot of time with friends of 15 years, Gary & Barb, and this past Monday enjoyed a lovely lunch in Fort Myers with Ken & Glenny who left Cayman 7  years ago…..where did the time go!!!  Read more

A New Year, A New Life

Sad to leave this wonderful little island.

Although not planned, it is interesting that we begin our new lifestyle at the start of a new year, so in addition to ringing in 2018 we celebrated embarking on this journey.  Make no mistake, leaving Cayman after 15 years was very difficult and more than once we wondered if we had made the right decision.  But, there was no turning back and now just a few days later, we are confident this is the right path for us.

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